Tell me if this sounds familiar: you're driving down Madison Avenue in Lakewood and you notice a cool looking bar for the first time. Sure, it may have always been there, but this is the first time you've really “seen” it. Now, of course you end up saying, “Wow, I need to go there sometime,” with every intention of checking it out the next time you hit the bars. But a year later, you still haven't. You probably on occasion go, “Oh shoot, I still need to go there!” But the effort tends to end there.

I've lived in Lakewood nearing a decade now and have a long list of bars I want to go to. It's not that I don't go out, I just always end up at the same familiar bars. A conversation with my wife on this very subject went from I need to go to all these bars to I need to go to ALL the bars! I told my wife that over the next year I will have a beer in every bar in Lakewood. You know how these types of conversations go from there: in a matter of minutes we're talking about t-shirts, blogs about the bars and deciding which friends we can talk into doing this with us. Your average normal group of people wouldn't last long, maybe going to a few of the bars till the enthusiasm for it fizzles out. We aren't normal. My blog's set up. My wife has already designed a great shirt. A complete list of bars has been compiled and some friends are already on board. We are going to go to that one cool bar in Lakewood – you know the one – and every other one in Lakewood, too.

In this blog, you can follow along with my journey as I write about my experience, the beer and what these bars are like. You can even buy a shirt which will have a list of all the bars on the back so that the bartenders can check them off as you go! So come along, pull up a stool and grab a beer at that bar you've been meaning to go to since Bush was in office!

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  1. A great piece.

    -Marc Breed, fine artist