Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bar #36: Richland Cafe

Welcome to the third part of our trilogy of not waiting to go to the bars you want to go to. This week's bar was put off till we could see a group of entertainers that only perform there once every other month. Finally, we had the time to make it there when they'd be there plus it was their 2nd anniversary. Unfortunately, they weren't performing, it was just a party. So this week we went to the Red Hot Heathen burlesque group's 2nd birthday party sock hop at bar #36, Richland Cafe.
As you'll remember from the Obituary of the Red Rooster the Red Hot Heathens are a burlesque group that mix comedy, entertainment, costumes and partial nudity. They put on a variety show that includes pasties but doesn't include preconceived notions about what a woman needs to look like in order to be sexy. It's a worthwhile show for men and women alike, burlesque tends to have more women fans than male. In this week's blog there won't be any of that. Teaching us the lessons: burlesque troops don't have to strip on their birthday if they don't want to and if a sign doesn't say there will be boobs don't assume there will be. Luckily, they brought 1950s music, cake, streamers and a cut out car. Dancing fun was had by many!

The Richland Cafe is a rocker bar. So, you'll see a higher amount of tattoos and piercings then in other bars...Honestly, judging from my night there it seems to be a bar full of cool people that don't have a problem with you unless you have one with them.  "Only a rocker bar on certain nights, other than that it's just a close-knit local corner bar with some really great people!" -Jared Youtzy

The bar felt worn in but clean. The walls are a darker red. There are two rooms one with tables and the other with the bar. The bathroom had a frightening paper towel dispenser that it seems requires you pull the paper through the jagged opening and yank, using its plastic teeth to cut. They have a basketball shooting machine.  You can also play pool while keeping track of the score on the old sliding markers.

They had a wide range in beer from the cheap to the worthy. Service was quick even when the bar was crowded.
While posing in the Red Hot Heathens prop car for a picture I was car jacked/photo bombed by a man with a squirt gun. It was a very small gun but he seemed to know how to use it.
In the end I was having an off night and may return to the Richland Cafe for a reblog to do it justice.
The Richland Tavern is a rocker bar full of people having a good time. You won't be bored if you check it out. You will always have something that you want to drink and someone worth talking to at bar #36, the Richland Cafe.

14027 Madison Ave.

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