Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bar #50 Five O'Clock Lounge

One of the trademarks of the Lakewood dive bar is history. When you walk into one of them, they carry the wear, mementos and even the people from their decades of service. They have the layers of what made them unique from each generation that drank in their walls. One of our best examples of this in Lakewood is bar #50, 5 O'Clock Lounge.
The Five O'Clock Lounge is kind of amazing. The walls are adorned with neon signs, old pictures and music posters, and a piano. The booths, bar and stools are vintage and in great shape. There's a second room with a stage and pool table. The Five O'Clock Lounge feels the type of bar where punk or blues grew up. There is a large patio out back but permits have not made it through at the time of this blog for the allowance of drinking there.
The service was good. They were training a new bartender. There weren't any problems with her and their primary bartender was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about good beer.
The beer selection was adequate. It was primarily domestic and cheap hipster beers but there were some nice options behind the bar. Normally, you'll be able to find a craft beer on tap as well.
There were some chips but they don't make food here.
We played their customized shuffle board game. We set up a poorly working game where we had three people playing but only two scores being kept. Whichever color slider you were using determined which team you were scoring for. It meant you might have scored the least points during the game but you could still be on the winning side in the end. Beer made that ok.
We went on a slow night where the stereo types of the bar stood out. As a dive bar requirement there was an old guy at the end of the bar. The rest of the patrons had tattoos and gauges. Everyone seemed friendly enough. I have found in my travels that the bars with the biggest jerks are the ones where the people are the closest to what society says they should look like.
The Five O'Clock Lounge is everything you want out of a dive bar. Your surroundings reflect the history that has passed through its doors, while celebrating what this bar is made for. The beer is the beer they want. The music is the music they want. The zombie walk that starts at the bar once or twice a year is the way they want it. The Five O'Clock Lounge is an unapologetic bar that has little it needs to be sorry for. The Five O'Clock Lounge is worth visiting and one you'll probably eagerly return to. Go check out Bar #50, don't worry they don't bite. Unless, that's what you want.

11904 Detroit Ave.

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  1. The 5 O'Clock somehow made it onto Esquire's Best Bars In America list a while back: