Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bar #51 Brew 133 (Deceased)

It can be hard to be the new bar that takes the place of an old favorite. Do you try and take the old brand and make it better. Or do you take a new direction, in the hopes that your new idea will out weigh the disappointment that the old customers have in their bar officially being over. Tonight, one of the most beloved bars in Lakewood, now reborn anew, is put to the test. Brew 133 Sports Pub and Grill is Bar #51.

If you've been here before you'll still know your way around. You have multiple open layout rooms with nice hardwood flooring. The chairs are comfortable enough. Flat screen TVs are all over the place so you should be able to catch whatever game you're looking forward too.

I've heard there is a great patio but it was blocked off this evening.

They have a decent sized selection of beers both on draft in the bottle.  You shouldn't have any trouble finding the beer you want or surprising yourself with something new.

There were a lot of choices in the menu. I got their nachos with cheese and salsa. The nachos were super light and flaky and the cheese and salsa were generic. Their fries were fine. The cheese steak was alright and its bread was good and soft.

The service was good during the night. He came often, answered any of our questions but didn't add any personality to the service. However, I'll take ability to do one's job efficiently over pizzazz any day.

We happened upon trivia night and decided our group was up to the challenge. We were mistaken. The company that Brew 133 uses is not for the faint of head and not something you want to be drunk while attempting. We were slightly late so that we missed the lizard theme and our answers didn't follow suit. Then things went downhill with a multistep word jumble. Then naming the song and artist of songs that we didn't seem to know. Back to trivia we played strongly at knowing games. Figuring out what states signs were from only created a state of confusion. Then just in case you were feeling thirsty equations were thrown at us. We came up strong in the end knowing a number of women pilots, at least with the questions we heard. The waiter talked through some of the questions. I have nothing against a difficult game of trivia but most games of bar trivia tries to make you drink more where this made us stop cold.

Where does this leave us? Place looks good with a splash of sports memorabilia. Good service? Definitely. They have an admirable beer selection offering you something you want regardless of what you're looking for. The food is adequate but not the reason you're coming here. This bar came into being because “there is a need for an authentic sports bar.” I was at a sports bar for the blog 2 bars ago, so I'm not sure what they meant. Brew 133 does offer a superior amount of seating and playable game options. Brew 133 Sports Pub and Grill, Bar 51, is one of the best places in town to watch whatever game you're looking for.

Post Blog News!

These guys won trivia!

Brew 133 is reported to be changing from a sports bar theme to a restaurant. They will hire a chef and move away from the sports theme. I'll assume the army of TVs will stay but time will tell. Brew 133 will retain its name.

13368 Madison Ave


  1. Sports bars are a thing of the past didn't you get the memo ?

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