Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Blog in Cleveland Contest!

When I began this quest it was simply because I wanted to go to every bar in Lakewood. Turning it into a blog was simply to feed my need for a creative outlet and keep me from getting bored or lazy and quitting. Other than a few early bits of fame, including an article about me in the Cleveland Scene and being a celebrity judge for the Pillars Wing Crawl, I have been able to do this blog in relative anonymity. A handful of bar owners and bartenders knew who I was and occasionally I would be approached by someone that would randomly recognize me or more probably would recognize my shirt and want to know how I got one. When Scene Magazine's Best of issues would come by, I usually figured I could get nominated through a strategy of persistent online annoyance. I assumed my chance of actually winning was fairly slim, especially with the strong competition I had.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that all of you thought I deserved to be the best blog and blogger in Cleveland. THANK YOU! I had a couple supporters that really supported the blog through the voting and nomination process. Thanks to Lakewood Citizen, or @lkwdcitizen as he's known on Twitter, we've been tweeting Lakewood news with each other on for a little while now and took to sending each support for the vote as well. You should follow him on Twitter for all your non-LKWD bar and disaster related news. (Don't worry he'll put up posts about bars and gang wars as well.) Momocho and El Carnicero included me in their own search for Cleveland royalty. I loved their bars before now. I even had my wedding reception at Momocho; yeah I bet you didn't have wild boar at yours. Bella Sin of Ohio Burlesque was a huge supporter of the blog for this years BOC. Her burlesque troupe is the longest running currently in the United States and is known internationally. I am also sponsoring a Nerdlesque (nerd burlesque) in Lakewood's Mahall's on May 10th that she is headlining.

The most important contributor to this royal victory is all of you. I have received nothing but positive support from all of my readers whether they live locally or moved away and want to hear about their home town. Plus, obviously, I couldn't win unless you all voted. Since, you've all been nice enough to allow me the chance to win this award I'm giving you the chance to win something too!


Tell me what your favorite bar from the Every Bar in Lakewood list is and why. The winner will be picked at random. Lazy people who write something like, “Buck's Beer Bar because it's good” will not win. You can attempt to win by commenting on my Facebook page, tweeting @EverybarLKWD, comment on my victory photo on Instagram @everybarlkwd, emailing me at or even commenting below. One entry per person, please. Sharing this blog may increase your chances of winning and/or increase the amount of prizes. Speaking of prizes, if you win you will get a $50 gift certificate to the any bar of your choosing from the Every Bar in Lakewood list. Runners up may win a Every Bar in Lakewood T-shirt or a beer token from Tarrymore Inn! The winners will be announced on May 9th! Answers may be featured in the actual Every Bar in Lakewood blogs.

Thank you for voting and of course thank you for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

Cheers!  Because the best of Cleveland is Lakewood.


  1. I think one of my top bars is McGinty's. I don't go as often as I should (I can walk there) but when I do, its always welcoming. They have a good beer selection, I can order pizza from next door, and there's a great mix of patrons. There are blue collar regulars, white collar regulars, hipsters, snuggling couples, hanging-out dudes, anybody.

  2. There are a lot of places I like to go to in Lakewood on occasion. Barrio has great tacos and fab margaritas. I love the vibe at Deagan's and I usually go there for their yummy desserts and beer. Melt is just an awesome culinary experience. Beer Engine is the best place to try out something new. But for me my favorite has been Winking Lizard for a long time. I always enjoy the food. The beer list is awesome. There is a ton of room for large groups. And there is something pretty awesome about a place that is equally enjoyed by myself and my 8 year old.

  3. It's hard to pick my favorite bar in Lakewood but for now, I'd have to say its Manja. I've lived in Lakewood for 4 years and I can't believe we discovered only a few months ago! It's a great, small dive bar. It's walking distance from our place. It's has darts and foosball which my friends and I love. Cheap drinks. Good shots. The bartender is friendly and funny. It's great when there's a crowd and great when you're there with just your group of friends!

  4. There are many places to choose from but if I have to pick one it is Buckeye Beer Engine. Not only do they have a lot of their own delicious beers but they have a great selection of craft beers from many other breweries. I especially like that they always have at least one beer in a cask. In addition to the great beer selection they have a great food menu. Their burgers are top notch but they have lots of other choices too. Their patio is usually full all summer but if you go around to the side it's quieter and more relaxing if that's what you're in the mood for.