Friday, June 13, 2014

Bar 55 Sidetrack Cafe

There is always a bar that isn't right for you. It doesn't make that bar bad. It just means it's a wrong fit. Bar #55 is Sidetrack Cafe.

It was a beautiful, sunny Thursday evening. This is important because good weather for riding motorcycles means good business for their favorite bars. The parking lot was packed when we arrived, plus some of the sidewalk with motorcycles. We entered a busy bar the smelled of the road and cigarette smoke. “There is no smoking nor ashtrays in the Sidetrack Cafe.” All the seats were taken at the bar and as many people were standing around talking and having a good time.  Classic rock was on the digital juke box and wouldn't deviate.  I made my way to the bar and was helped by a young woman that was probably half the age of the majority of patrons. Yes, Sidetrack Cafe is a biker bar for those beyond middle age.

I ordered a bottle of Yuengling. In some bars you just want a cold beer whose taste you can ignore for the most part. There are no taps.

Our friend Lynn arrived but didn't come in. I went to see what had happened and almost got run over by a motorcycle zipping by as I stepped through the door. It turned out she was simply messing with her phone.

She ordered a jack and coke and described it as the worst ever.

I left her with Kelly and went to take pictures in the back rooms. I was saddened to see the pool table gone but there was a piano and small patio. Sidetrack Cafe is a large, three roomed bar that can handle a large crowd even if everyone wants to sit down and eat.
When I returned a minute later, one of the older bikers had stopped by the table to hit on the ladies. He was denied.

We debated on getting food but I was eventually out voted against my argument of “but it looks good!” Sidetrack Cafe is supposed to do a great breakfast/brunch.
So, we left.

Sidetrack Cafe is a pretty cool bar whose patron's love it. Their beer list and prices are alright. I've only heard good things about their food. I plan on returning in the future to give the bar the time it deserves. However, I had the wrong group for the bar that day. One of the great things about having 50+ unique and interesting bars in Lakewood is that there is a bar for everyone and obviously, everybody will be able to find a bar they won't like. Sidetrack Cafe, bar #55 is worth checking out because it's fucking awesome, just not for everyone.

13429 Lakewood Heights Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44107

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