Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 4: The Mid Town Booths Tavern

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Do you know what would make Christmas better? Getting rid of all that snow, family and shopping.” If you're from the southern hemisphere you'll probably take snow off that list. Here in Cleveland, the biggest draw is the return of Great Lakes Christmas Ale. This week I had to follow the crowd and find myself some of Cleveland's most famous beer. We went to the Mid Town Booths Tavern. It had the ale and was within walking distance of my house.

When I entered I was quickly struck by the two bold colors dominating orange and yellow. The bar was full of two soft ball teams helping to give us a full house for my first time in there. Beyond the teams was a bar with a fun atmosphere. The walls are red and covered in vintage fun including jerseys, Darth Vader and even Castle Grayskull protecting from above. The bars name was illuminated through Light-Brites in the front.  Even the music was dominated by alternative rock from the 90s. We sat beneath a barrage of band posters in the back of the bar talking about music and Excite Bike.

I had a Christmas Ale which was happily full of alcohol and spices. I'm glad to say that it had not gone stale during its long wait for the summer festivities. They had a good selection of beers on tap to make everyone happy.  They range from quality IPAs to Coors Light and a hard cider that's good for those who want get drunk off apple juice. I ordered the fried jalapenos and the macaroni and cheese. The jalapenos, sliced into little rings, were great. The penne pasta mac and cheese was also good. I had no problems with the service. It was good with little wait even though they were very busy.

John and Katie officially on their way to go to Every Bar in Lakewood!
There was one more notable to the Mid Town Booths Tavern, the men's bathroom seems to have been a dungeon in the past. The walls were of an ancient block. One of the urinals was closed off via duct tape. However the most ominous sign that this was not your average bathroom was the feeling that someone may be watching you while you're using the toilet(see photo->).  But it was fairly clean.

Overall, this is a bar I'll be returning to. The Mid Town Booths Tavern is what I would be looking for in a bar even if this one didn't exist. It has interesting, good food and beer. The music and atmosphere makes me happily nostalgic, giving me things to talk about during lulls in conversation. If you want to go to a new bar that you know you'll like, try The Mid Town Booths Tavern.

Awesome: Customer Service, atmosphere, food (I have a weak spot for fried jalepenos)

  Mid Town Booths Tavern
16934 Detroit Ave

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  1. Is this the same location of the Tam O' Shanter?