Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 5: Tarrymore Inn

One of my earliest fans was actually one of the bars in Lakewood. They continued to support me as the weeks went on; leading me to want to visit them early on my list. I made the decision to visit after I used up my initial reasons of going to the first bars: secret bowling party, a possible shivving, boobs and of course the possibility of a drunken Santa showing up (he didn't). The time had come, on Wednesday Every Bar in Lakewood went to a bar without clever name, a cook or even a website (they have a fairly active Facebook page). Bar # 5 is the Tarrymore Inn and it is awesome.

The first thing you notice when arriving at the Tarrymore Inn is that their parking lot has plenty of space. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by Cheryl the bar keeper and one of my clients from my daycare, whom I'll refer to as Cookie's Mom. The Inn had your normal assortment of random things, promotional beer items, giant I-Phone, video gambling machines, and dart boards. The beer is cheap. There were two beers on tap one light, one not. I chose to the dark side with my first Genesee. It wasn't bad. It had that slightly bitter old-man beer taste. I approved and drank them all evening. My Genesees were upgraded by being served in glasses straight from the freezer.

Now that we were beered, Cheryl and Cookie's Mom gave us a tour of the bar. First we were brought to the secret free party room. It has additional tvs, seating, dart boards and a unisex bathroom. To get all this for free you just have to get your beverages from the bar.

 We then moved out to the Tarrymore Beer Garden. There are many patios in Lakewood but I believe there is only one oasis like this. There is a variety of different seating and notables in the garden. The patio collects decorations including a hidden Santa, a gnome, even a tomb stone. The Tarrymore has also grown a cover over some of its seating to protect against the sun and rain.

The giant I Pod was actually a combination mp3 playing jukebox and boothless photo booth. We had fun with both.

I won at darts. The boards were in good condition. The darts were nicely weighted. You throw across the width of the bar creating the exciting possibility that if a quiet drunk person stumbled by at the wrong time my stainless steel dart would give them a new orifice. Today's lesson, always look both ways before crossing a bar.

The Tarrymore Inn historically was a mill bar. People would come in during their off time or on their way home and grab a beer and a shot. They and their fellows were tired and just happy to get something cold and relaxing into them. The Inn is still that sort of bar. The patrons of the Inn, come here to get a couple drinks and enjoys each other's company. Also, for the machines and the dart tournaments. All the regulars have nicknames for each other and are friendly to the new people coming in (myself included.)

I met a nice woman named Pat in the Hat. She is the Inn's version of Norm, minus any physical resemblance. She has her stool, that it is unanimously agreed, will be buried with her some day if the occasion arises. But she is nice and welcoming, would never kick a person off of her stool. It is always given up to her regardless. She says she is another brick in the wall, perhaps a brick before there was a wall.

The Tarrymore isn't special because of the building or the beer it carries. The Tarrymore Inn is worth visiting because it's built with the people that visit and work there. Where they know your name, treat you right, and post your birthday on the wall. You'll leave happy, nuff said.

Awesome: Bar Family, Frosted Mugs, Customer Service, Photo Booth, Amazing Patio

13356 Madison Ave


  1. I grew up on Waterbury Rd. and our next-door neighbors (Dan and Betty Coch) owned the Tarrymore. We used to go up there occasionally for Mrs. Coch's home-made items. Glad to see it is still going strong.

    1. I live on Waterbury now, I had no idea the beer garden was that pretty. Don't judge a book by its cover for sure!