Friday, August 31, 2012

Bar #8: Red Rose Cafe

I used to see her on a regular basis. We liked to go bowling. She always made me this pop corn that was that addicting combination of slightly stale and a bit extra salty. Then one day she decided I should sing every time I saw her. I was out of there. It's been a few years. It's time to see her again. This week's bar is one of my ex-regular bars. My ex is Bar #8, the Red Rose Cafe, and I think we can be friends.

We ended up meeting up with John and Katie at the Red Rose at 7:25. This is important because the cheap burgers and kitchen in general both ended at 7:30. The burger and fries were fine, I had
 no complaints about them whatsoever. I also need to go back for the deep fried Oreos; I've never had them and I need to. There was no pop corn.

My beer of choice was Dortmunder breaking my Great Lakes seal on this blog. I'm still optimistic that I'll be able to have a different beer at every bar. I like Great Lakes Brewing Company, regardless of what beer I get from them I'm sure it'll be good. Kelly got a Blue Moon. She was mocked by some chick in sweat pants for her “fancy beer” when she asked for an orange with it.

As for ambiance, it looks like a generic dive bar with a skinny yet effective patio in the back. However, what makes the Red Rose Cafe awesome requires some quarters. They have a Pac-Man/Ms Pac-Man/Galaga arcade game. I didn't play it. I will when I go back for my Oreos. What we did play for hours was the best bowling machine I've found in Cuyahoga county. It uses real wooden balls and has a bunch of settings. These includes FLASH-O-MATIC, everything is better when it's made o-matic. It even has a built in drinking game.
 A note of warning. If you bring a bunch of nerdy guys to a bar they will act exactly the same except for one difference. No matter how stupid your logic is, if you are the loudest you must be correct. Luckily, due a genetic advantage I'm always right.

I originally left because of one of the Red Rose Cafe's improvements, karaoke. I think it helped their business but it's not what I want on a normal bar night. Since then, they've added a patio and a kitchen. I approve of the new Red Rose Cafe. You should go eat deep fried Oreos and play bar bowling because you have no excuse not to.

Awesome: Deep Fried Oreos, Bar Bowling

14810 Madison Ave

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