Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bar #7 Around the Corner

Every bar isn't right for every person. There are bars that specialize in sports, age groups, sexual preferences and even beer. Obviously everyone won't want to go to every bar or at least won't like them all. But Bar #7 doesn't give you that choice. I was going to put it off, the normal crowd is too young and wears too much Axe Body Spray. I instead have been there three times in the last month and it's right Around the Corner.

Around the Corner is a huge bar that's a combination of three bars with two places for live bands and a stage. It's part tavern. It's part dance club. It also has a large patio. They've put a lot of work into making it a nice looking tri-bar. The service is usually good and deals with its crowds well.

The food is good. Get the pizza, it will make you happy. As many of you saw this last weekend their wings are some of the best in town. The black pepper wings can stand up to just about any wing you're going to find.

They have a good enough beer selection. My plastic cup of Yuengling costed $4.50 which would be pricey if they were just a bar. Around the Corner is more of dance club/special events location and they are priced accordingly. Except of course when their event is cheap beer (like I said they have a reason everyone will visit.) That's why you are going to come here; there is always something awesome going on and you'll have great things to eat and drink.

A recap of my adventures:

All Dog's Heaven's Chili Cook Off. There was a lot of good chili. The best was made by an orthodontist that spent 3 days cooking his to perfection. The only down side to the event was that a hand full of the cooks ran out before I got my chili.

2012 Body Paint Fashion Show. On a downside, it started over an hour late and some drunk dude decided that the proper place to watch from was directly behind me with his excited junk pressed up against me (I quickly moved to a new location.) On a upside, there were a bunch of mostly naked painted women walking about and showing off their artist’s work. A friend of mine, Brian of Rockport Woodworks, also got the difficult job of being a judge and had invited me out.

Fireside Concert and Lakewood High School Soccer Fundraiser. The band played a lot of good classic rock and it looked like the fundraiser had a good turnout. Sadly, we didn't win anything. John and Katy had invited some friends out with us including two of John's colleagues from Taiwan. I learned that the dragon eye ball soup I had when I was in Taiwan, that includes rice dough balls that resemble a soft white rubber, is a dessert soup. Hutta means cheers. Also Katie is a vegetable but in a good way.

2012 Pillars Wing Crawl. I was one of the first people in line and it was my first bar of the day. Their black pepper wings exceeded expectation and their service was on the ball.

On those rare days when something isn't going on then the bar is still busy and the dance club is running. I have passed that invisible line where you suddenly realize that this is all sweaty and awkward. In my early 20s I think it was still awkward and sweaty but being younger, drunker and singler let me ignore that. After the Fireside concert and soccer benefit we got to watch the pain of the first people on the dance floor. That time when some brave and/or drunk people break the seal of the empty dance floor and are stuck being on display reminiscent of middle school dances. The girls just jump between barely dancing and the “dancing as if nobody's watching,.” The guys however, are all obviously aware that they are more in the spot light then they want to be. They dance in three ways:
You have your standard slightly move and hope nobody is paying attention.

You have the guys that only move if in direction contact with a woman, like those Pepsi cans that start dancing when the music plays.

Lastly, you have the funny guys, they take over the spot light by dancing poorly but in a funny way. This is usually to hide that if they weren't being funny they would probably still be dancing poorly....I was of the third category.

I have had a good time every time I've been to Around the Corner. If this sounds like the bar for you, then you need to go there. Everyone else, you'll have to go there eventually too and you'll like it.

Awesome: Events, Patio, Dancing, Size, Live Music

18616 Detroit Ave

*Pictures that I didn't take are from Around the Corner's Facebook page.

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