Friday, September 7, 2012

Bar #9, The Church Bar (Deceased)

A preacher, a nun, and a blogger walk into a church. The blogger goes to the preacher, what's good? The preacher answers: Beer! When I look around this house of worship, I see a mixture of gay and straight people with plenty of good beers on tap. At Bar #9, The Church Bar, drinking is a religious experience.

There is a new trend in Lakewood. Bars are beginning to open that really try to be unique and want to be the place you want to keep coming back to. The Church Bar is one of those bars. They invested over 45 thousand dollars into renovating and revamping McGintys Achill Isle Pub. They've created a warm and inviting environment with sofas, a fireplace and a noticeably clean environment. The bathrooms are immaculate. The Church Bar is a good mixture of the cozy and comfortable with random Christian iconography and fanciness.

My beer of the night was another from Six Point called Resin. 6 Point takes what's left over from their pilsner vats and make the beer from that. It tastes like a darker IPA..that's been scraped off the side a vat. But I liked it! Christopher was the bartender of the night, I was told that he makes perfect drinks by a bartender that comes to the Church to drink. They didn't have food, so I had more beer to wash my beer down with.
A man in black had been staring at our table on and off all evening. He eventually put together the courage to come over and talk to our resident preacher. I assume he was looking to get lucky. Unfortunately, once he found out that Aidan's boss is God, he shot himself down with the excuse that Aidan wouldn't like him. He spent most of the rest of the time we were there sitting by himself. Don't be this guy, be social and give yourself a chance to be shot down.

The Church Bar has a nice pool table. They also have a trivia game on Wednesdays that's a lot of fun and isn't afraid to admit that their game is actually for adults.
The Church bar isn't your stereotypical gay bar. This isn't a dance club and you can hear people talking below a yell. When asked why people come to this bar two of the primary reasons were this is a chill and relaxed environment and because this is a bar where everyone feels comfortable coming. The Church bar has made it, its mission to create a space where everyone is equals regardless of gender or orientation. They are currently the #3 ranked gay bar in all of Cleveland. If you want to go to a bar where you'll have a good time and meet friendly, interesting people in a great environment then come to the Church Bar. It's not a bar for gay people, it's a bar for people. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Awesome: Craft Beer, Atmosphere, Customer Service, LGBT

13751 Madison Ave.
(216) 226-1770

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