Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bar #12 O'Donnell's Pub

The bars of Lakewood tend to rely on the extra features and options to put themselves above the rest. What attracts you to a bar? Do you look for the bar with the biggest patio, the cheapest beer, the best food, or perhaps the best antiquated mechanical game? This week I went to a bar the cuts out the extras and have decided just to make a nice, quality bar without the frills. Bar #12, O'Donnell's Pub, is the bar to compare all other bars to.

O'Donnell's Pub sits in a plaza on Madison Avenue with a notable list of businesses including a Subway, a Chinese restaurant and a church bank. Plus sides to this are there plenty of parking, plus if you have an early case of the munchies, then you've got options. When I enter I see a bunch of big (bigger than average) tvs, a chalk board with a list full of beer and specialty shots and everyone is enjoying themselves. Along the walls are 1970s movie posters and beer mirrors.


I picked my beer off the tap out of a list of quality options. I went with New Castle's Werewolf. I like New Castle's standard beer, this was slightly better. If you don't like New Castle that's fine there are a bunch of craft beers on tap and in bottle at some of the best prices in town.

As for food, well, there's a Subway next door.

Who comes to O'Donnell's? Obviously, people that like quality alcohol at an affordable price. People that go to the bar for people, drinking, music and TV but don't need the excuse of fried cheese or electronic bocce ball tournaments. To really know the people at a bar you must listen to their song, or in this case the random songs on the juke box they decided to drunkenly belt out. Their favorites seem to be Call Me Maybe and anything by Journey. So they're either a mixture of mid 20 to 30 year olds or I happened to stop by on Glee night.

Service at the O'Donnell's Pub was good, Chris was friendly and proud of the bar he worked in. The pub was also noticeably clean. O'Donnell's may not offer all the bells and whistles you may find at other bars but you won't have anything to complain about what they do offer. Bar #12 is the protobar. It's made of the elements that make a good bar and is what I'll be comparing bars to in the future. I'll be going back to O'Donnell's Pub and will see what Rachel and Fin are up to next!...Ok, and yes I got Subway afterwards.

Awesome: TVs, Craft Beer (prices)

16204 Madison Ave

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