Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bar #13 Bonnie and Clyde's Bar (Deceased)

One of the biggest hurdles that I have to watch out for while doing this blog is the raising of expectations. You hear these great things about a bar and the bar just gets better and better in your head. This week's bar is one such bar. I'd heard their food is great and have only heard about how wonderful the bar is. The question is does Bonny and Clyde's Bar do a bang up job or is this bar the unlucky #13?

Kelly and I arrive at Bonnie and Clyde's a couple minutes early and waste a couple minutes out front until Katie and Johnny arrive. Before they arrive we are met my new craziest old guy we've met at a bar. We're looking up the street seeing if we see them when suddenly there is a loud high pitched sound directly behind us. I spin around and am greeted with an old man with a giant gray/white beard on a bicycle. He was wearing a backpack with a single flower sticking out of it. He then motions to me if he can have a smoke. I say no, and he silent rides off up the sidewalk. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of my ninja, hobo friend.
Katie showed up next but Johnny wouldn't meet us for a while as he was thwarted by animals for the third time that day. The first was that he helped save a dog hit by a car that morning on his way to work (he didn't hit the dog.) The second was his car was attacked by a bird. This last time, a herd of 20 deer blocked off the exit from his parking lot.

The excitement never stops out front of Bonnie and Clyde's Bar as we approached and greeted by Bonnie, the owner. She was very friendly and excited to show us around her bar. She was one of a couple of bars that had invited us to come see them early on in the blog. She did not have a tommy gun.

They have two rooms with fun 20s style and they place was busy. The seating, even the bar seats, was quite comfortable, I've rarely found the seating worth mentioning and even rarer bringing up their comfort. There was paintings of Bonnie and Clyde's scenes throughout the second room. It also included some dart boards.
Bonnie then brought us back to a very nice hidden back patio. She took pride in it and it showed. We also heard a story about a woman that decided to move both above and next door the two bars at this location. She calls the police on a regular basis complaining about the noise. I'm not going to say that a bar patio is never noisy but Bonnie's is hardly one of Lakewood's rowdier bars and there's no speakers outside. But I would like to know why she moved into a location that was surrounded by bars?


My beer was a Lemon Berry Leinenkugel. I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either. It was a mixture of berry and lemons but really tasted fairly generic.

We put our orders in with our waitress with our hopes high after many accounts of how good the food was. I ordered the day's special, a ground beef quesadilla . A few minutes later, two more of our friends showed up, Beth and Yvette. They waitress immediately began to help them but disappeared when they said they were going to go look at the taps. They got their orders in within the next 10 or 15 minutes. 
Our conversations included exciting topics like: Everything tastes better with dog hair in it (no dog hair was found in or near food from Bonnie and Clyde's) and mechanical claw games that allow you to catch live lobsters.

A little while later they got their food. 15 minutes later I went to the bar to ask what had happened. The cook couldn't give any reason but our waitress was very apologetic.
Eventually, the food did come. My quesadilla was giant and good. Nothing that I would have complaints about as was everyone's food that came. It didn't quite live up to the expectations of the best food ever made but it never does.

Bonnie and Clyde's Bar is an overall solid bar with a good beer selection, food, and atmosphere. It's owned by a woman that really cares about her bar and making it a place to go. As a comparison to Bar #11, after I left Bonnie and Clyde's I was still happy and had good things to say about it. Basically, you gotta give Bar #13 a shot, you won't regret it.

Awesome: Atmosphere, Food

13603 Madison Ave.

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