Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bar #20: Riverwood Cafe

Until this point I have tried to go to bars on their “off nights”. On these nights when the big promotions aren't going, you get a better feel for who their regular crowd is, plus there probably won't be a wait for a table. This week I decided I wanted tacos, and only knew one place with Taco Wednesdays. This week I got my taco fix fixed at bar #20, the Riverwood Cafe.

We arrived to a packed bar and claimed the last table. Unfortunately, it was chairless and we had to stand. We spent the next half hour or so deciding if we wanted to stick around or leave. Luckily, before we could decide we saw a couple ask for the bill at a booth and claimed the table for ourselves. Unluckily, they ran into the age ole problem of who pays the bill. As we acted like we weren't watching them pull more and more money out of their wallets and move the check and cash back and forth, growling at each other, we listened to our bellies growl back and forth as well.

How do you decide who pays for what when it doesn't happen naturally. A couple elements come into the decision/complication of who pays. There is the chivalry element that demands that a man should pay. This can cause complications as it can cause some women to feel unequal early on. Rejection of this can cause the man to feel emasculated. Then some guys may have a problem having their food paid for by a woman. Along with all that, who pays can determine the seriousness of the relationship and can cause the other person to feel like they owe the payer. To all these complications I have two conclusions. I never cared who paid and I'm glad I'm married; so that I don't have to worry about crazy dating games ever again (among other reasons).

The beer selection was good. Regardless of the type of beer you like you should be able to get what you want. I went with a Bell's Oberon, a good quality craft beer with a strong distribution out of Kalamazoo. It's got a an interesting assortment of flavors that's not too heavy on the hops. Oberon is a good gateway beer if you are trying to get a loved one to move on from lesser corporatey beers.

We got a big assortment of foods. I tried all three types of tacos. I ordered them all hot, spicy obviously. They aren't that spicy, so order them hot. My favorite was the fish. They also have a competing version of Firecrackers. They were good but needed the dipping sauce. Other foods that were good included their wings, fries and pirogies. Unless we were very lucky it seems that all their food is good so come ready to get what you're in the mood for without having to only rely what they're known for.

The bar clientele were basically just a random selection of normal people younger than myself. They all seemed friendly and rarely annoying. The music was also fairly normal but both younger and rarely annoying. There was also, a pool table that spent most of its time unused as well. We didn't use it either. The bar had interesting things up in random places. The floor had nice tile work.

The Riverwood Cafe has been on the top of bars that many people recommend. There's a reason for that, it has what you want and at a good price. I had a good time and had no complaints about the Riverwood. The service was good this time and when I was there for the wing crawl. It's a bar that comes with the question: Why shouldn't you come here?   

Awesome: Tacos, Atmosphere

  • 18500 Detroit Ave
  • 216-521-9999
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