Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bar #30: The Flying Rib

This week's bar was picked because I was hungry. This is one of the few bars that comes right out and says we're good at this one specific type of food. The Flying Rib is bar #30 and I'm eating ribs tonight.

I entered the Flying Rib, which used a mixture of antique ceiling, dark wood, and modernish designs. The first room was all bar on the left and all four person booths on the right. 

Unfortunately, there were five of us so we moved onto the dining room, decorated with a ton of beer sings and a punching bag machine. In the beginning, we had to order at the bar but both bartenders quickly switched over to serving us directly at the table.

I didn't write down what I drank.

 Check back later and I'll have actual information here.

The salad was fine and 

more filling than expected. Jalapeno poppers are fried cheese with a jalapeno pepper slice inside. You really can't go wrong with that, and they didn't. Now the important question. How were the ribs? The sauce was good, a little tangy. The meat just fell off the bones. There were the little bonelets on the end of the ribs. Overall they were good and more than worth the price.
I ordered a side salad, jalapeno poppers and a half rack of ribs. 

There's a lot to do at the Flying Rib, most of which is in the third game room that takes up the right half of the bar. They've got indoor cornhole, ping pong, darts and pool. The game of the night however, was the electronic punching bag. A group of guys were going back and forth on it. They were punching hard enough that little Jurassic Park rings were appearing on the beers. They started with using their fists. They then, upped the ante to using their heads. The first head bunt hit as hard as some of the weaker punches. The second guy slipped and almost put his head into the machine. They went back to punching after that.

Johnny our beer connoisseur was unable to be with us this bar.  His job shipped him off to Taiwan for a couple weeks to teach them how to build his solar panels.  But he was with us in spirit and with spirit over Skype.

The Flying Rib had good service, food and a comfortable enough atmosphere. Everyone there was enjoying themselves and they had more than enough games to keep the good times rolling. There are plenty of reasons to go to the Flying Rib, their ribs are just the BBQ icing on the cake.

11926 Madison Ave

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