Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Events

Hi everyone here is a quick event blog between blogs.

First off, last weekend was the Car Kulture Show. There were thousands of people and hundreds of hot rods, classic cars, motorcycles and just about anything else with wheels that you'd hope to find. There was also music, photo booth van, food all over the place. However, I was with my wife and her folks so I was lazy.  Here are a handful of pictures I took and some links to see more.
Pictures from the Observer.

This Saturday we have two other big events.

First is the Pillars of Lakewood Wing Crawl this Saturday from 1pm - 7pm. People will be going to 13 different bars and restaurants and trying two different types of wings from each. The event is basically sold out but there may be a handful left at a couple bars. It's a good event that gives you a chance to check out a bunch of our Lakewood businesses and see what type of wings you like the best.

Check out my blog from last years wing crawl here! BLOG

Last but not least is the LKWD Music Fest at Mahall's. Mahall's: “The LKWD Music Fest began in 2012 because we (the Mahall’s team) wanted to have a summer block party with music, food and friends in Lakewood.” Basically, there is a ton of great music, food and community fun going all day long. You should go. There is no logical reason not to. You can hear music outside and/or inside with the air conditioning. You will want to eat food at some point and you can use this to fulfill that need. You might be deaf and full from the wing crawl, then you can go bowling to work off that weight and get a drink mixed with their mixers made in the bar. So, I'll see you there.

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