Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bar #46 West End Tavern

This weeks bar fits into a peculiar place on the list. It's the bar that you have no logical reason for never going to. It looks nice and inviting. There doesn't seem to be anything irritating about it. For some reason you've never been there. Hell, I went to 44 bars before and I can't tell you why. Bar #45 is the West End Tavern; it's time to find out if it was worth the wait.

West End Tavern is a classy looking bar. It feels like the bar your grandfather would have gone to meet his buddies after work. There's is lot of wood between the floors, bar, booths, tables and chairs. The chairs are all tall at the tables. The booths barely fit 4 people. There is a flair of the newer bars with the multicolored painted tin ceiling and chalkboard with the different beer options listed. The West End Tavern was clean except under two of the patrons.
They have all the standard beer options along with some interesting exceptions. The West End Tavern ups its classiness by carrying a selection of wine that expands past simply asking what color you would like. I went with Bass Ales off the tap this evening. It's an old school beer with a mild and clean beer without the skunkiness, tinniness, or old man beer taste that comes with most of the hipster beers.
Johnny went with a Pilsner Urque from Plzen in the Czech Republic. It's a higher quality pilsner worth trying for pilsner lovers and may talk their nay sayers into changing their minds.

The West End Tavern shows off a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches leaning towards their burger options. I decided to get their patty melt. The meat quality was good and it was cooked properly without the worry of medium meaning something other than its proper description. I also went with the sweet potato fries. They were good as well.
My achievement for the evening was the impossible segue. The topic of cancer had come up because a dog that used to come to my dog daycare had died of it a couple months back. Normally there would be no way out of this topic without the awkward long pause or the luck of food showing up. I chose a different route, “Speaking of cancer, it's been a long time since I've had crab legs!” There was almost a breeze as everybody let out a breath of relief as the anxiety levels dropped. Note, you can't make a cancer joke unless you are the person most affected by it in the conversation. Otherwise everyone will get crabby with you.

The service, once we got menus, showed up as often as we wanted and was polite. She did her job without warranting any complaint from us. Also boobs. At this point, that is all that any of us can remember of her. This isn't because of their actual size, but it probably helped. She was neither plain nor bad looking. She was showing the maximum amount of cleavage possible without changing the designation of the bar. I'm not complaining. I'm sure it normally helps in the tip department. However, if someone asked me how the service was that night, my answer would be, boobs.

The West End Tavern is a nice bar. It's a nice, classy looking tavern with a fresh, nostalgic feel. The service, food and beer selection were fine. I finally enjoyed my visit to bar #45, West End Tavern, and so can you. Also, boobs.

18514 Detroit Ave

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