Monday, December 24, 2012

Bar #21 The Local Bar and Grill (Deceased)

As we near the 6 month mark on the blog, the questions arise, what are we looking for, have we found it?  Is it just the right beer and food combination at the right price?  Do we judge a bar first by the people that run it or by the people that drink in it?  Is a bar superior by the additions of games, live bands, and wacky things attached to the walls. What causes that change in our perception that turns a bar local to our home to our local bar?  This week The Local Bar and Grill wants to be our local bar at #21.

The first thing you notice when you enter The Local is that it's huge.  It takes up two store front areas.  The right is in your standard bar with a row of tables across from it.  The right side is an open layout setting up its primary use as a dancing and live music venue.  We picked an off night for the bar doubling the number of patrons.  The second thing we noticed upon arrival is it smelled mildly like a damp Lakewood basement.  Today was a wet December day but still...  The Local was also very Christmassy, full of lights and Christmas ale.

Our bartender was helpful, friendly and attentive to us.  She was also Batman.  She answered our questions, coming back frequently when we couldn't decide what we wanted.  They were out of a number of items including steak, which contributed to our indecisiveness.  When asked what they are known for she quickly answered wings.  I went with their garlic parmesan and 5 alarm variety.  They were crispy, with enough meat.  The garlic parmesan wings tasted as you'd expect.  I would order the 5 alarm again but they did not live up to heat expectations.  All the food that we ordered was good with no complaints.

I ordered a 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale, one of my favorites.  12 Dogs is well rounded ale with enough but not too much alcohol and spices that put me off of some other brands.  I don't want to be able to light my beer on fire or mistake it for a liquid fruitcake.  The beer was made even better by putting cinnamon around the rim of the glass like a pub margarita.

Every bar has its good qualities and bad.  If you have really good food, then you probably have higher prices.  If you have great dance music with lots of young single people then you probably won't be able to hear your friends talk...and will have to talk to someone that is both very drunk and very orange from fake tanning for the holidays.  The Local Bar gave me good food, beer and service.  If your looking for that plus a place to dance and/or hear live music then you should give them a try.  #21 The Local Bar doesn't stink.

Awesome: Customer Service, Size

16918 Detroit Ave

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