Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bar #23: Irish Kevin's (Deceased)

Lately, I've been behind on getting my blogs out within reasonable time after actually going to the bar. The flu and the holidays took a leading part in these delays but mainly it's been time management. This week I tried going to a bad bar. Different people had different opinions which bar it should be. Any bar that someone said was awful someone else loved. I instead picked a bar that under its previous ownership always seemed awful or at least the people that I knew that went there reflected that. This week we find out if Bar #23, Irish Kevin's can erase its bad reputation, even if that reputation was only in my head.
Everyone upon entering Irish Kevin's said, in one way or another, “Wow, this place is really nice!” The second, thing three out of four of us said was, “Where's Johnny?” We had all come from Bearden's in Rocky River in different cars. He had put the intersection into his phone to get directions and stopped paying attention to his surroundings. Once he reached 117th and Clifton he realized that something was amiss. He of course was properly mocked once he finally reached Kevin's bar. A week later, publicly mocked on the blog. Ha, Johnny!

Irish Kevin's is surprisingly spacious and clean. There are nice beer signs around the walls. They have their own line of shirts hanging above the bar. Games include pool, darts and Keno. They have a stage for live music. Wednesday seems to be old man night at the bar, but I think the crowd is normally a bit younger. The bartender gave us quick service but couldn't give information about the beers

They have a great Kentucky Bourbon Ale on tap that was came was smooth and bourbony. Before I could drink it I learned that the tables in the booths aren't heavy nor attached to the floor. I put my hand on the table as I went to swing into the booth and catapulted the drinks off the table. Don't worry, I held onto my own drink. Johnny and I were later allowed behind the bar to check out the bottles in their fridge. I went with Troegs Brewery's Dream Weaver Unfiltered Wheat Beer. It seems what they didn't filter was the lame. The beer wasn't necessarily bad but didn't really add anything good to the mix. Irish Kevin's makes it's own sodas with cane sugar!

I didn't think they had food. There was almost no mention of them having food in the bar except a random mention of wings. I have since learned from their Facebook page they have a bunch of fried bar food favorites. They now have fried pickles.

Irish Kevin's is an overall good affordable bar that turned 3 last month. To survive in Lakewood you need more than a gimmick, you need the basic qualities without which customers will inevitably be repelled. They are a clean, comfortable bar that gives the option of getting something you'll want to drink, eat, do, watch and listen to at a fair price. Kevin's Irish Kevin's primary customers are still probably the population within walking distance but they make sure their customers don't have a reason to look for a new bar. Check out Irish Kevin's, bar #23, they are reputed to be a good place to be.

Awesome: Soda, Atmosphere

13601 Detroit Ave.

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