Monday, January 28, 2013

Bar #25 The Sloan Pub

Who is the best person to ask what bar you should go to? I could ask an expert, but answering myself is a sign of insanity. If I ask Facebook, I will get the most popular bars. If I google it, then I get the bar with the least complaints. This week we go to the bar recommended by people that work in Lakewood bars. Sloane Pub as picked by its peers as Bar #25.

Sloane Pub sets itself apart from the main stream bars. It even sets itself apart from the main street bars as the only one not on Detroit or Madison Ave. After passing signs telling about its humorous rules and love for socialism, I entered to find a clean and welcoming bar. The stools were comfy and had backs to them. The bartender was friendly, helpful and gave me my beer in a frosty glass.

They still have a juke box with actual cds in it. The patrons kept it running all night long and I liked every song they played. The unofficial song I was told was “I Want to Fuck you Gently” by the Tenacious D.
They had Labatt, Yuengling and a light beer on tap. Sloan Pub had enough different types of bottled beer to keep everyone else happy too. I had Yuenglings, my go to unoriginal beer. They cost me a dollar.

The Sloan Pub also has a shuffle board machine. The bartender made sure the machine was properly saw dusted for us before we played. I won the two games we played by a narrow margin. This included a final last ditch shot that knocked two of his weights out of the 4 point slot and leaving mine in its place...Which was more exciting than it sounds.

The regular crowd is a mixture of servers and bartenders from other bars (we came here by The Rush Inn's recommendation), old men and young townies. The locals, many of grew up on the neighboring streets, love this bar more than any bar crowd I've met so far. They carried a strong enthusiasm for Cleveland and Lakewood specifically. Everyone at the bar were friendly and always weighted to make sure if they were passing they didn't interrupt game when we were playing.

Sloane Pub aims to be a laid back, fun bar where you'll never feel judged. This is the bar to go to when you don't want to deal with the other bars. Sloane Pub is the type of bar where everyone knows everyone's name. The Sloane bar is a good bar to go to to be yourself. If you don't have a bar to call your own, come to bar #25, The Sloan Pub.

Awesome: Frosted Mug, Customer Service, Bartenders Choice

18196 Sloane Ave


  1. Next time you go, ask about the cherries! They are amazing and soaked in 151...