Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bar #26 Taco Tanto's

What is a bar? I have described a bar in Lakewood as a place that I can walk in for free, sit down at the bar and order a beer from a tap that won't cost me as much as at Jacobs Field. However, that still leaves bars that border being disqualifiedp; for example: expensive bars, restaurants with bars in them, wine or martini bars and the one bar I allowed even though they don't have a tap. This week's bar is the most controversial of our current list of Every Bar in Lakewood. A bar, or not a bar, that is the question we ask #26 Taco Tantos.

Nothing gets me in the mood for Mexican food like snow. I approached the small black and white sign with a splash of pepper surrounded by a bleak, monochrome winter scene. As I turned to walk into Taco Tantos it was like walking into Munchkin Land. Bright colors and smiling people were everywhere, empty space was at a minimum. Ten of us came to the taco joint taking up almost a third of the space.

Taco Tantos has all your normal Mexican/American fare. I went with the tacos, as their name suggested. The ingredients seemed fresh. The sauces on the table are a required addition to get the most out of your Taco Tantos Tacos. I liked the red it was a nice mixture of smokey and hot. The tacos are also huge. The chips and guacamole were good.

Taco Tantos strays from your standard Mexican and American domestic beers by giving an interesting mix of craft beer options in draft, bottle and can form. I started with a watermelon beer in a can that amazingly was neither awful nor watermelon syrup poured in the beer post fermentation. I then moved onto my preferred Mexican Domestic choice, Negra Modelo, on tap, which was better than the can-o-melon.

The question is Taco Tantos a bar? The bar is open two hours longer than the kitchen. One person came in while we were there to only drink beer. They have a selection of beer worth drinking even if you aren't eating. The bartender says that Taco Tantos is a restaurant with a bar but she then asked the owner's second opinion. He basically gave his permission for it to be referenced as a bar.

Taco Tantos has good beer and food. It's also small and you order from a line not just at random spots at the bar. This allows for munchkins to find it roomy and aren't looked over when trying to order. It's a fun, colorful environment and someone will probably bring their kids while you are there. It is a restaurant with a bar by design. But can be used as a bar with food without complaint. You should come get some tacos and interesting beer at Taco Tantos. Is it Bar #26? Sure, why not.

Awesome: Food (Taco), Craft Beer, Customer Service

13321 Madison Ave.

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