Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Place to Buy Beer in Lakewood

The guantlet was thrown and the champions nominated to answer the question: where is the best place to buy (take-out) beer in Lakewood. There were the obvious favorites known for their large beer varieties. It turned out Ward 4 carries an extra enthusiasm for it's local beer providers nominating a third of all the businesses and one more just on the other side of the border. Each of the stores were friendly and proud of their nomination. Many of the businesses offered me tours or at least invited me to check out their beer selection.

The winner of our contest puts in the extra effort the be a temple of beer. They always carry at least 400 different craft beers. Their employees love beer and helping their patrons with whatever they are looking for. They jumped on the chance to sell growlers the first week they were allowed and now have 12 different taps. This business even brews its own beer. The winner of the best place to buy beer in Lakewood with 23% of the vote is Ross Craft Beer! They will now have a featured free ad on this website for the next three months. Ross is located at: 15524 Detroit Ave, Lakewood and their phone number is 216-226-3660.

Northcoast Wine and Beer took second place with 13% of the vote. Northcoast beer has more beer per square foot than any other business in Lakewood. I was given an extensive tour of his store. Our own beer blogger Johnny Vanderford nominated Northcoast Wine and Beer.

Our dark horse competitor was Beverage Square. They came into this competition with no Facebook page and only a single nomination. Their patrons quickly came to their social rescue calling for more votes on both Facbook and on this website. Their votes quickly caught up to a bid for second place. Beverage Square came in third place with 12% of the vote. They have a beer supply that will cover everyone's tastes and a better than expected wine supply. They are also a reminder that good customer service can keep local customers local. (Not that any of our nominated businesses have bad customer service.)

The 4th through 9th businesses are as follows:

4. Sam's Food and Beverage 11%

4. Moon's Food Store 11%

6. Rozi's Wine House 9%

6. Simone's Beverage 9%

8. Mini Mart Lakewood 8%

9. East End Market 4%

All the businesses that I visitted during this contest and previously are well run establishments. Each one has it's own reasons that keeps their customers coming back and reasons that you should check them out. Next time you are heading out to pick up a six pack try a different store than your used to. They might be what you've been looking for all along.


Due to the voting system we used, attempted cheating was rampant. I did have access to a spreadsheet of all votes including times and IP addresses. The results as posted are correct. We unfortunately weren't able to leave the graph up as it refused to not show the cheated votes. This caused some of the businesses to have hundreds of extra votes. In the future we will use different voting systems. Thank you for your patience and for reading!

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