Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bar #29 Lakewood Village Tavern

Have you ever complained about the news being full of unhappy stories. There's a reason for that. Entirely happy stories are boring. So, I'm warning you ahead of time. I have nothing to complain or be snarky about bar #29, Lakewood Village Tavern.

Lakewood Village Tavern takes up two store fronts. On this cold snowy night the bar was full and we took a table. Amanda the bartender was quick to check on our table offering me a free sample of a beer I hadn't tried. It was recommended by a random woman at the bar. I liked it and ordered a cheaply priced 22oz Shock Top Wheat I.P.A. It was a little dark and had a little spice to it. It also went down smooth and didn't get a funk taste near the end.

Amanda gave me some recommendations on food. I went with their jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzels. They were recently taken off the menu and forced back on within two weeks. Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzels are one of my favorite things. I also go their buffalo chicken wrap. It was good.
The bar had some built in beer signs and wood paneling on the walls. They also had some dried tall grass on the walls, I assume in case some has need of emergency duck hunting. They have a second room with a bunch of TVs and a small stage that they use for karaoke and when a comedy group, the Village Idiot that comes on Wednesdays.
There are three bathrooms, one for ladies, women and men.

Game wise you are limited to the digital with Golden Tea and a mini casino hallway.

I liked everything I got at the Lakewood Village Tavern. Of course you may be able to find better food, more tap beer options or more things to do at other bars. As a combination of all their parts there are few bars that are as solid an option as Lakewood Village Tavern.
13437 Madison Ave.

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