Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bar #28 Bottoms Up (Deceased)

It was the best of bars it was the worst of bars. This week's blog is a story of happy people, charity and shenanigans. I helped sponsor the food for an LGBT event, giving me a chance to meet staff and this bar's community. Bar #28 is Bottoms Up.
Bottoms Up is one of our borderland bars. It faces Cleveland on 117th with windows full of drink and rainbow neon lights. They have parking in the back and have use of their neighbor's as well. Bottoms Up has two bars, a raised stage area, a VIP section and a stripper pole surrounded by mirrors.
We attempted to find tables in the basement. What we found instead was a second, unused, subterranean bar with a lot of floor space. There wasn't anything we could use for extra table space however. Luckily, someone else had a table in their car we could use.
We set up our tables offering an assortment of Costco sandwich rolls and sushi, both of which, were actually pretty good. Pizza was also provided. The people that came and donated their $10 along with all you can eat also received a free drink ticket donated by Bottoms Up along with the provided unlimited food.
While I was waiting for the event to start I decided to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, their big dispenser was out of tp. I went back out to let them know. Fifteen minutes and three people later a single roll of embroidered paper was found, the kind your grandmother would use. Afterwards, when I went to dry my hands there was only a single piece of paper towel left and it sadly fell to the floor. The women's bathroom wasn't any better. It had a Windex bottle stored in a hole prepared for it in the wall, one stall taped shut and it too only had one piece of paper towel that sadly fell to the ground.
The TVs around the bar weren't running this evening but instead had the graphics used in late 90s screen savers. The rest of Bottoms Up had a plethora of light effects going. These were good additions for people dancing and didn't make you feel like you were going to go blind or have a seizure.
Jonn learns whisky on the rocks
is just a shot with some ice.
The bartending staff was friendly when I arrived but were switched out with new bartenders early on. Their credit card machines weren't working in the beginning. They were able to get people to the bar to fix them that evening. We had used up our tickets before the credit card machines were fixed so my friends, Jonn and Lynn, came with me out into the arctic tundra of 117th to find an ATM. We found 5/3 Bank a couple buildings up from Bottoms Up. It's only ATM was in the drive-thru. After inserting the first of our three cards into the machine a car pulled up behind us. The guy that pulled up behind us went on to mock us with back in my day style old man sayings as we took out our money. Everything he said seemed to be very funny but the nervousness of making cars wait for us in the drive-thru while slowly succumbing to frost bite might have had something to do with it.

I converted our mini-adventure into Yuenglings. Creamcicles and other such mixed drinks were also had by the group. The none beers all came in plastic cups, which makes perfect sense in this venue. When you see how much liquid is actually in a normal whisky on the rocks you'll probably want to order a double.
The DJ from Pink Flash Productions, kept the music lively. She also works with autistic children doing swimming pool therapy during the daytime hours.

The night was a success. The LGBT Cleveland Delegates going to El Salvador made over $1300. My blog and I was introduced to the crowd. Everyone but one angry man standing out it the cold not wanting to donate money had a great time.

Bottoms Up is a bar that is greater than its parts. They welcome people of all sexualities and genders, celebrating our diversity.  It plans plenty of events to keep its patrons entertained, inlcuding drag shows, girl and guy nights, and is often packed wall to wall. Bottoms Up is for sale and that may if not excuse but at least explain why everything isn't always up to expectations. Bottoms Up isn't just a bar for its patrons to drink and dance at but a place that helps to fuse its community into a stronger, better one. Everyone that comes in usually has a good time and the drinks are rarely a let down. Bar #28, Bottoms Up, is the #1 gay bar in Lakewood and its patrons are making sure that it stays that way. Come check it out and have a night you won't want to forget.

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1572 W 117th St.

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