Monday, April 22, 2013

Bar #34: Buckeye Beer Engine

Have you ever saved a bar for later because of something specific that is supposed to happen there. This week is the first of three bars that have been on hold till a specific event could or would happen. Unfortunately, the lesson of this week is research before you put off going for 8 months. Luckily, bar #34, the Buckeye Beer Engine, is worth the wait.

The temperature for the first time was above 70 degrees and it was time to head to the Buckeye Beer Engine to take advantage of its patio. We were smart enough to call ahead and find out that they no longer allow dogs on the patio due to safety and health department concerns. But it was hot out and the Beer Engine has a lot of options to drink.
The Buckeye Beer Engine has a tavern atmosphere with red walls, beer flags covering the ceiling, and beer bottles coving entire sections of the walls. Above the bar they have digital signs up showing their large selection of beers on tap along with their price, ABV and type. The patio has furniture you might find on anybody's patio at home and wasn't uncomfy.
We weren't the first people to decide that the first hot day of the year was a good day to visit the Beer Engine. 40 minutes and a Buckeye Belgium Blonde later we got our seats, though it was somehow now 50 degrees. We could have sat inside immediately.
I started off with the fried jalapenos slices, which were good, but how could they not be. I also had their cheese steak with chips. These were good as well.
The Buckeye Belgian Blonde was a real good beer that just about anyone will like. It's smooth and easy going but still interesting tasting making it a better blonde and a good beginner belgian. If you want a higher caliber beer you need to try a Trappistes Rochefort 10. This was brought up in conversation as simply one of the best beers out there. It has a mellow, complex flavor that is the embodiment of a crafted beer. It also has a lot of secret alcohol that you won't realize is there until you're halfway through the bottle...or you read the label. If you don't want either of those Buckeye Beer Engine has a ton of other beer options.
There may have been a lesbian couple that just became engaged one table over from us or perhaps some sort of bachelorette party.  What we did know was that the possibly engaged lady(ies) both fit in one stall and caused a good bit of thumping on the door.

Disclaimer: Do not use derogatory remarks about my friends while we are at a bar it may lead to the management being told and your possible expulsion or your food “not” being spit in, public mocking, or possibly being stabbed in the face. Seriously though, who comes to a Lakewood bar and mocks gay people just because you are impatient on waiting for a table.  

While, Johnny was waiting for the bathroom he was given a tour of the beer fridge by Mike the general manager.

Only one person can use the bathroom at a time. Obviously, you may want to avoid the bar on beans and cheese night. The rest of the time do not avoid the Buckeye Beer Engine. Our service and food were good. The beer selection is impressive and worth going back for, especially their namesake Buckeye Beers. Go check out bar #34, Buckeye Beer Engine, and you'll never have to get the same beer twice.

15215 Madison Ave

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  1. One of my favorite places in Lakewood for a good beer. Recognized as one of the top 30 best microbrews in all the united states by Draft Magazine and a selection of beers that will make your mouth water. Absolutely agree on the Rochefort #10, my personal favorite and tastes awesome at the Buckeye Beer Engine!