Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bar #32: The Patio

After thirty-two bars I have seen a lot of different types of bars. They come in different sizes with different types of options, like food, craft beers, and games. I think I've wrote that before. The question is, are the bars still unique or are they just a repetitive handful of different options? The Patio is bar #32 and is prepared to show that a good bar is more than what's for sale.

The Patio had perhaps a dozen patrons inside at 9:30 on a Wednesday night. Most of them were very drunk. I hear the Patio, like another ironically named bar, gets busy in the later evening. This is also, another spot that the bartenders and waitresses from other bars like to frequent. Katie, the general manager, was bartending and quickly recognized me from when we met on St. Patrick's Day. So, I would get my free round of drinks and great service but as I have been told repeatedly, the latter is her norm.

The bar itself has some tables, random cooler than normal bar signs, dead animals and Christmas lights. Many of the items in the bar were left after parties. The music varies widely depending on who has taken charge of the juke box. It's got your standard darts area and now has the Screaming Rooster's skee ball machine (still says the old bar name on its digital screen.) There is a bathroom on the first floor and one in the basement with padded ceilings for your convenience.
No food for you....Fine, you can order a pizza.

I drank my first Oberons of the season and they were good. This is probably one of my top 5 beers. To be a top 5, it has be a beer that I would always want to drink. I may like a Christmas or a Scottish Ale more but I wouldn't always want one of those. Everyone should find something they like on tap. Four months out of the year the Patio is the top seller of Fire Ball shots in Ohio, this includes beating out the bars of Ohio State.

Our whole group was offered a beer and shot by a random bar patron who hasn't heard of this blog before. This seems to be something that just happens at the Patio. Everyone buys each other drinks all night. Both times I've been to the Patio I've found the atmosphere very friendly. The people are always real open to talking and aren't shy about coming over to talk to you first. “A place where neighbors are automatically friends.” The bartenders tend to remember their patrons names and favorite drinks. Respect is big in this bar and fights are not permitted.
The Patio originally had an outdoor motif with a garden lattice on the ceiling and beach like surroundings. The wood furniture around the bar is actually made from fallen Lakewood trees. The Patio is controversially the oldest bar in Lakewood (a claim I will be researching later for a genealogy bar blog.) The bar in the patio is the original, it has simply been relacquered many times over the years.
The patio doesn't offer anything unique that can't be found at another bar. After meeting two different bartenders and different patrons of the Patio it turns out that doesn't matter. The Patio is the friendliest bar I've been to in Lakewood so far and it'll leave you feeling like you spent the night with a bunch of your friends even if you came alone. The Patio's main selling point is its people and really, isn't that the difference between drinking out and at home. I look forward to my next trip to bar #32, the Patio, and so should you. Even if it's your first time there.

 15615 Madison Ave

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