Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bar #33: The Corner Pub (Deceased)

When picking a new bar you will run into barriers. These are the reasons why you haven't been to these bars before. They may have a type of food that you don't think will stand up to your favorites. They may have crowd of people that you usually don't hang around, like different age groups, relationship statuses or even, dare I say it, Steelers fans. Every decent sized town will have at least one bar that you have avoided because you don't want to get stabbed in the face. This week I didn't get stabbed in the face at bar #33, The Corner Pub.

For the record, at no time did I feel like anybody was going to stab me in the face. My first impression of the Corner Pub was that this was exactly why I started this blog. The Corner Pub has a timeless, lived in feel. It could easily have looked the same a couple months ago or a couple decades ago. The mirror is decorated with written signs announcing the specials for the week and Christmas twinkle lights. The walls covered in wood paneling or whitish paint were covered in beer signs. A giant TV awaited the next person who wanted to try their hand at Wii bowling. Fun Fact: their Wii's controllers are accurate from the middle of Madison Avenue.Next to it sat a digital juke box with an odd and diverse selection of the bars favorites ranging from folk to metal in its top ten.
We found two stools at the bar and I ordered the only beer on tap (usually there are three taps running.) The beer of the evening was Molson's Canadian and it's really not a bad beer. I find it has a cleaner, less watered down taste than the sold out PBR.
There's no food.

Sandy, the bartender let us be when we wanted to be but was open to talk the night away about import craft beers and their regulars. Conclusions, included Germany has ridiculous amount of craft beer and most French and Italian expensive beer tastes like water.
The TVs played a diverse collection of entertainment that evening. Starting with Harry Potter 1, followed by Saw 1 and eventually leaving us at different performances from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The conversations at the bar followed along, with highlights like that the 1st Dumbledore was better, movie sequels that don't suck and who's the guy singing with the beard (the latter came up more than once.)

Other than Sandy, the bar had only guys. This was partially because it was guys night, my Canadians were buy 2 get one free. This was the type of group that talked to anyone that was talking to them but were fine not talking to anyone.

The Corner Pub is primarily regulars that come to do their thing and know how not to cause drama with each other. However, I was new to the bar and didn't have any trouble fitting in. They seem to always be having a food drive for one reason or another. Currently, they are collecting food and toiletries for a mother, whose children include two autistic boys, whose house burnt down in Lakewood. There are a number of old men that come to the bar and tend to donate their extra food back and forth depending who's running low since their last payment.
There always seems to be something going on at the Corner Pub as well. Mondays are Lady's Night with the buy 2 get 1. Tuesdays are poker night. Wednesdays are the previously mentioned guy's night. Thursdays bring in the top talents out of Bird Town for a jam night, the guy sitting next to me says he is amazing.  Currently, if you buy a beer you have a weekly chance to win a beer.

I liked the Corner Pub it reminds me of bars from Tarentum, PA (where I'm from.) I may be biased in saying that I thought it had a very comfortable atmosphere. That being said, this might not be the best bar for everybody. The Corner Pub sits unpretentiously at the entrance to Bird Town welcome the locals and anyone else that wants to be there. They try to keep their patrons happy with special nights, beers and a Wii on a big TV. Have you been looking for a bar to call your own, try on Bar #33, The Corner Pub and see if it fits.

12301 Madison Ave

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